The Name


„Crispin was a Roman family name, derived from the Latin crispus, or »the merry one«.”

The most famous bearer of the name was Saint Crispin, a 3rd-century Roman who along with his brother Crispinian is the patron of shoemakers. Both were popular saints in England during the Middle Ages.

Behind the name

My name is Crispin Mårtens, I'm a digital strategist based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Since starting as an intern in the digital industry in 2005 I have worked across industries as design lead and strategist for interaction- and user-experience design.

With a background as interactive designer, I have lead and inspired teams up to 12 interdisciplinary colleagues as lead designer on creating holistic customer lifecycles as well as user centred designs and concepts instead of simply clicking together nice looking images.

Educated by experienced designers and creative minds all over the world, I neither believe in „design trends", nor fundamental differences between B2B and B2C customers.

I believe in people. The reasoning, the feelings, the wishes, expectations and interactions of the people using the products I create is what my work is about.

The work

This is a short version of my portfolio, It provides an overview and showcase of my skills. It does neither feature all work ever done by me nor is it even intended to do so, as no portfolio is able to substitute a personal interview. I'm not doing remote portfolio reviews for the same reason.

Lufthansa - Crispin Mårtens

Booking flights, the easy way


Volkswagen - Crispin Mårtens

Customization, user centric


Porsche - Crispin Mårtens

Making dreams touchable


Locked projects are part of NDA's and only available for potential employers.

Awards- Crispin Mårtens

The Awards

A few here and there.

From Cannes Lions and FIFI awards to a 3rd place at the infamous "Kitzbühel Gästeskirennen", there is no sky too high, no sea too rough and no track too tough.

In case you are eager to know more about that, I might tell you one award story or another which might not all necessarily have to be taken seriously:

Crispin, tell me a story!
Contact - Crispin Mårtens

The contact

For the first time of getting in touch with me, I'm reachable via Email or LinkedIn and doing my best to respond within 24 hours.

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The Imprint

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